Ice in Timmins

Having a little deja vu waking up to ice. Almost a year ago to the day in southern Ontario, we had the big ice storm that left us without power for a day. The freezing rain we’ve had in the Timmins area in the past day doesn’t quite live up to last year’s experience, but it’s still making getting around a little harder. And it’s so pretty! Once I can walk around a little better (right now it’s a one step forward and slip back two steps kind of day), the camera will be working a little harder.


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How to make wool dryer balls

After switching to safer and natural options to wash laundry, drying in an equally environmentally-friendly (and chemical-free) way was a cinch. Since the changeover started in the summer, laundry could be hung outside on the line. Canadian winters, however, aren’t that conducive to hanging the wash outside.
As it turns out, making a wool dryer ball is so simple! You’re going to want to make one in all the colours for you and all your friends.

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