Free crochet halter top pattern

Free crochet halter top pattern

It’s time to get serious about your summer wardrobe. To celebrate the sunshine, we’re sharing a free pattern! This crochet halter top is sure to be a cute addition to your little lady’s summer outfit rotation.

This easy halter top (the one featured here is the smallest size we make and is about a 6-12 months) has a little boho inspiration and is all kinds of cute. It’s meant for hot, sunny days so it’s super simple to crochet.

For the yarn we paired this top with the summery Patons Grace, it’s lightweight and comes in a variety of colours. Best of all, it goes a long way — from one ball you can make two of the tops!

CH – Chain
DC – Double crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet
HDC 2TOG – Half double crochet two together
SC – Single crochet
SLST – Slip stitch

DK cotton yarn (we used Patons Grace)
3.75 mm hook
Darning needle
Optional: suede cord or embroidery thread for ties.

Chain 46
HDC in second chain from hook, HDC in each chain to end, ch 1, turn (45 HDC)
Row 2 to row 8 – HDC, Ch 1, turn
Row 9 – Decrease row: HDC 1, HDC 2tog, Hdc to last 3 stitches, HDC 2tog, HDC 1, ch 1 (43 st)
Row 10 – HDC
Row 11 – HDC 20, HDC 2tog, HDC 21 (42 st)
Row 12 – Decrease row (40)
Row 13 – Decrease (38)
Row 14 – Decrease (36)
Row 15 – Decrease (34)
Row 16 – Decrease (32)
Row 17 Decrease (30)
Row 18 – HDC
Row 19 Decrease (28)
Row 20 – HDC
Row 21 – Decrease (26)
Row 22 – HDC
Row 23 Decrease (24)
Row 24 – HDC
Row 25 Decrease (22)
Row 26 Decrease (20)
Row 27 – *7 DC in third ST, SLST in second stitch from DC cluster, skip two stitches, 7 DC in third st * across. You will have four scallops in total.
SLST along sides of top, three SC in corner stitch, SC along bottom, 3 SC in corner stitch, SLST along other side and edge of scallops until beginning of slip stitches. Cut yarn, weave in ends.

Mesh bottom:
SLST in end of bottom row, *CH 4, SC in third ST* repeat to end. Ch 4
Row 2 – *SC in space of ch 4, ch 4* repeat to end
R3 – same as R2
Cut yarn, weave in ends.

For a simple tie, join the yarn to the two scallops to the end and chain a string to join around the neck. For the bottom ties, attach it right above the mesh. We have also used suede cord for the ties, which is super cute but does add to the cost. You can always get a bit more creative too and use embroidery floss and make a good-ol’ friendship bracelet braid.

If you crochet up this top, be sure to share the final results! Find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy crafting!

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