How to make knitting stitch markers

How to make stitch markers for knitting

Accessorizing is important, even for knitting projects. Making your own cute stitch markers is incredibly easy.

For the longest time I would ogle beautiful stitch markers on other people’s work, but could never find ones for myself. I was all kinds of excited to learn how easy they are to make (and you totally should be too). The supplies are fairly easy to find — I got my goods in the jewelry supply aisle at Michael’s and Amazon — so there’s no excuse to ever run out of cute knitting notions!

Here’s what you’ll need to make knitting stitch markers:
• Jump rings
• Split rings (I used 12mm)
• Charms
• Small pair of pliers.

1. Slightly separate the jump ring so you can slip the charm on.
2. Close the ring opening with the pliers.
3. Attach the split ring to the jump ring.

Three easy steps — that’s it!

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Happy crafting!


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