The best Canada 150 gifts

Canada 150 gifts

Canada is turning 150 years young this year, and I’m geeking out. With all of the commemorative gear hitting the shelves, it is hard to not buy everything. Every time there’s a new product with the maple leaf (or anything quintessentially Canadian) I feel the tug on my purse strings.


Remember the good old days? When you could freeze your credit card and temporarily solve your shopping addiction. Thanks to the Internet, and realizing how easy it is to memorize the CC numbers, spontaneously buying everything on the Internet is a little harder to avoid.


Loblaws is the first to reel me in with its homage to Canada 150. See those awesome colourful mugs? Spotted and bought at Your Independent Grocer. Now all we need is some warm summer days to sip coffee on the porch (so, don’t be surprised when these end up in all of the photos).


There are a few other items I’ve been eyeing:


  1. This T-Shirt.


2. Of course, Hudson’s Bay Company is in on the action. And, this sweatshirt needs to be in my summer wardrobe.


3. The mug collection may also need to grow with these.


And don’t even get me started with all the great Canadian makers you can find on Instagram by searching #Canada150.


What are you keen to get your hands on to celebrate the sesquicentennial?


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