The best of summer 2017 in pictures

With warm days, cool nights and the scenery changing colours by the minute – fall is definitely in the air.
Summer has flown by, so we’re taking a moment to look back on some of our favourite pictures from the Summer of ’17.

Lady slippers

In peak season, the forest’s ground was blanketed with them!

Northern Ontario lady slippers
There were hundreds of lady slippers blanketing the ground in peak season.


Northern Breeze Goat Farm

Tucked away in Monteith is a hard-working couple that has rescue goats, and some alpacas too. Some of the goats are even cashmere! Until last year, I was completely unaware that the luxe fibre even comes from goats.

Kayaking in Northern Ontario

Most of my water adventuring was limited to the cottage lake this summer, but every night was a different show. Watching the colours change as the sun fades away is the same, but different every day. Sitting in the kayak and catching it all is great therapy (whether you need it or not).

Kayaking in Northern Ontario

Kayaking in Northern Ontario

Lake Superior Provincial Park

A look back on summer wouldn’t be complete with another mini gush over Lake Superior Provincial Park. It gorgeous and diverse, and if you ever get the chance to visit, don’t hesitate. Just pack up the car and go!

Lake Superior Provincial Park
Old Woman Bay at Lake Superior Provincial Park.


Kayaking in dragonfly season isn’t very speedy because one cannot simply paddle by a dragonfly in distress in the water. Rescuing the dragonflies did make for a couple great photo opps though.

What was your favourite part of the Summer of ’17?


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