Tips for making a custom order

The Cottage Road custom orders

Custom orders are one the most awesome and challenging parts of being a maker.

It’s awesome because people (not just your family!) are trusting you to make a little special something. For some orders, it is also equal parts terrifying.

Here are a few tips for making a custom order to help make the process painless for you and the maker:

1. Plan ahead. The maker needs time to make the item (it will take hours of their time) and, depending on the order, they may have to order the supplies as well. If you’re out of town, there will also be shipping times to factor in.

2. Be flexible. Some makers are open to unique orders for goods that aren’t part of their usual product lineup. Even if you have a plan (and being prepared with photos and inspiration is amazing), being able to carry it through depends on a number of factors.

3. Keep calm and trust your maker. We want you to be happy with the finished product and will do everything possible to live up to your expectations.

4. Have fun! Customizing the order with your fave colours, adding a flower or a ruffle is all part of the reason you are looking for handmade. (If you have incredibly long arms and want a longer sleeve, this is also a good time to let us know.)

5. Happy with the custom order? Tell your friends! Referrals are the best form of flattery.

We are always open to talking about custom orders. Check out some of our past projects on Facebook or drop us a line at



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